Tuesday, October 9, 2007

job opps

Seriously. I'm thinking about finding a job as a cocktail waitress for those evenings when the oldest is with X2B. Hey, I like wearing high heels and short skirts, so why not make some money with it? Especially since I have all my Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings free anyway? Too bad I don't live in Vegas.

The down side is that I have so much work at my office, that if I take away three
nights/weekend days from working, when am I going to get my real work done? That, and my employer may have a problem with my hustling my fanny to fetch drinks for my constituents during my off-time, just so I can pay the bills.

Or maybe I should just bite the bullet and start looking for a new real job. One that
doesn't give me more work without giving me more money. One that might actually have a 401(k), or offers a bonus if I do my job well, or has a company Christmas party, or even lets me take vacation without checking email and voicemail five times a day. Hell, I'll settle for one that lets me pay the bills (maybe even getting cable TV!), leaves me alone for 15 minutes while I eat lunch, and has another person I can talk to from time to time about squirting. Even if it involves a learning curve and a title that's less than impressive. But everyone tells me I should take one major life change at a time.

Short of prostituting myself (remember, people, that's out of the question), I'm wondering how I can pick up a little extra money each week to pay the bills. Any ideas?